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MyPass LMS

MyPass LMS gives you the flexibility to create and deliver custom courses which suits the organization’s needs while automating the time-consuming administration.


  • Implement company-wide certification for global staff
  • Train staff across multiple locations
  • Use gamification feature to make learning a fun
  • Administer multiple courses to multiple groups through built in course manager
  • Create blogs, forums, learning assessments, exams and other features to enrich the learning experience
  • Integrate with CRM and 3rd party applications and customize as you want
  • SCORM compliance for wider accessibility, easier adaptability, better content reuse and greater interactive experience at affordable cost
  • xAPI or Experience API compliance enables automated capture of learning experience or interaction of a person or a group with the content
  • Support the training needs of small, medium and large Non-Profit organizations
MyPass CRM

With MyPass CRM you get the benefits of a large enterprise system built with a Small – Medium Enterprise (SME) mindset and price – this complete solution will bring greater clarity and informed decision-making across your business.


  • Automatic tracking streamlines the sale and saves time
  • Aggregate data of all leads in one place
  • Track and manage a specific lead
  • Click on the profile of staff or customer to get time-stamped record of their activity
  • Assign specific task to specific employee based on the leads generated by them
  • Get real-time notifications on the activity of the users
  • Quick to customize and integrate with your existing ecosystem
  • Built for Non-Profits to track leads from donors, students, charity workers, beneficiaries and employees
  • Best value CRM for your budget
American Board Teacher Training & Certification
American Board is the leading teacher training and certification program in the world. It was developed and designed with the help of US Education department to achieve the goal to produce highly qualified teachers. East West Technologies & Solutions is the exclusive reseller of this unique product.
  • This program was started by U.S Education department in year 2001 under President George Bush with an initial grant of $35 Million
  • Over 700 industry experts were hired to create the American Board courses and exams to make sure a comprehensive teacher training program is introduced
  • 15 USA states are using this to induct highly qualified teachers in USA
  • Over 10,000 teachers in USA are American Board certified
  • 133 countries have American Board certified teachers
  • The regular cost is $2000 per certification.

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